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Lee And Lee

The AstroBeats

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Lee And Lee

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Highway Girl - Acoustic (2006 D.Tate) 2:48    128k mp3  2.56mb

Miltown 600's Electric Version of Highway Girl HERE.

Honey Don't (1956 C.Perkins) 2:50    256k mp3  5.68mb

Last Train To Clarksville (1966 T.Boyce,B.Hart) 2:47    256k mp3  5.09mb

Blackberry Boogie (1952 E.Ford) 2:33    256k mp3  4.67mb

The AstroBeats

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It's All Over Now (1964 B.Womak,S.Womak)  3:55    256k mp3  7.16mb

White Light White Heat (1968 L.Reed)  3:08    256k mp3  5.73mb

Money Honey (1953 J.Stone)  3:07    256k mp3  5.71mb

Ring Of Fire (1963 J.Carter,M.Kilgore)  2:31    256k mp3  4.16mb

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